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along the side of this perpendicular wall, and along
these paths they would seek out the wily mountain-
lion as he lay crouched over the paths waiting
for an unwary goat to come along.

On the second day of the hunt two of our young
braves were 'working' two goat paths at one time.
These two paths ran high up, along the side of the
wall, one about fifty feet above the other. One of
the braves. Wandering Wolf, was 'working' the
upper path, while the other. Striped Dog? was
stalking the lower one, making It a point to keep
in sight of one another at all times. They were
several hundred yards apart, with Striped Dog
some distance below and ahead of Wandering

Once as Wandering Wolf peered down ahead
of him to keep his eye on Striped Dog3 he noticed
something lying just over the path that did not
look like a rock—It looked more yellow and
brown than the surrounding wall of grey rock,
It was lying just a few feet ahead of his companion^
and though It did not move he soon perceived
that It was an animal. He started to shout a
warning to Striped Dog, but before he could catch
his ear Striped Dog had approached to within
three or four feet of the point over which the
strange object was lying. And just as Striped
Dog turned his head to look back and up at his
shouting companion^ Wandering Wolf saw the